Protected Properties

Map Conserved Lands 2019

Wallowa Land Trust has returned 30 acres to the Nez Perce Tribe.  Located on the west side of Wallowa Lake, the property has native grasslands and forest, making it a magnet for wildlife increasingly impacted by development.

As part of our continuing efforts to conserve the unique natural setting surrounding Wallowa Lake, we are pleased to announce that we are now official members of Wallowa Lake Village! Thanks to the generosity of the Wiggins family, Wallowa Land Trust now owns 34 acres at the south end of Wallowa Lake.

Working with Woody and Megan Wolfe, Wallowa Land Trust has acquired two adjoining conservation easements that permanently protects 463 acres in Wallowa, Oregon. The first conservation easement was completed in February 2011 and includes the confluence of the Lostine and Wallowa Rivers along with the associated riparian areas and wetlands.


The second easement was finished in August 2017.  All total, 318 acres of prime farmground and 145 acres of wetlands are protected from future development or subdivision.