A favorite resting and foraging spot for native wildlife is now forever protected from development, thanks to the foresight and generosity of local landowners Pam and Randy Slinker.  The Slinkers worked with Wallowa Land Trust over the past year to craft an agreement that results in the permanent protection of 128 acres adjacent to Ferguson Ski Ridge, near Joseph, Oregon. 



Protection of this forested property means refuge for an astonishing array of wildlife, who’s habitat is increasingly fragmented in this rapidly developing area.   We feel honored to be able to work on projects like this with thoughtful landowners like the Slinkers who are thinking many generations ahead.  Thank you for this incredible legacy Pam and Randy!   And thank you to our community for supporting this work.    

“It’s a wonderful piece of property and we we’re thrilled that it will remain that way,” said Pam Slinker.